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Daily price of 18 holes per game

Release Time:2019-12-10

Field A is a hilly fairway primarily featuring mountain views. Surrounded by mountains and carefully selected flowers, grass, trees, and artificial lakes, it provides an excellent swing environment for players.
B game features a valley shaped fairway with a lake view as the main feature. The fairways are designed along the natural lakeside, with abundant water obstacles, providing players with a challenging swing space.
Field C inherits the hilly style of the course, skillfully uses the terrain, mountain scenery and other natural landscape, and integrates water, waterfalls, small bridges, and characteristic planting into one, creating a natural landscape.
Field D is a mountain course, with perfectly undulating mountain terrain, winding, steep, and challenging terrain. It is a typical mountain course scenery, with the biggest feature being the high drop between the holes, which can reach up to 40 meters. This poses a certain level of difficulty for players with high handicaps, while also retaining some encouraging holes while being extremely challenging.
Including: 18 hole green, caddy, cart, locker
Excluding: caddy tip and bike difference, bike difference of 100 yuan/game/vehicle
An additional 100 yuan/game will be charged for playing D games (any 18 holes including D games in A, B, C, and D games will require an additional 100 yuan green fee)