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This stadium, built for more than ten years, relies on the curve of Linghu and is also integrated into the mountains. For a golfer, this is an irresistible attraction and a challenge to the limits of stress. What constantly challenges the players is its unpredictable, perhaps narrow and deep fairways, perhaps worrying bunkers and ponds, allowing the players to conquer a hole and then have to re-adjust in the next hole, but I realized later that this is not without rules, and I am amazed by the fact that the stadium is soluble in the mountains and rivers.
In 2004, it won the “Top Ten Golf Courses in China”. In 2006, it won the “Top Ten Most Influential Golf Courses in China”. In 2009 and 2010, it was awarded the “Top Ten Extraordinary Golf Resorts in China” by Guilin Lemandi Golf Club. It is a 36-hole course for the American hills. The total area is 2,400 acres. The overall planning of the stadium is in line with the USGA's established construction principles and is tailored to the beauty of Guilin. The fairway styling is also a heavy gift for the American fairway expert DAVID.

Le Mandi Golf Club is constantly pursuing an environmental system that meets the international standard software and hardware quality. It is the first golf course in the country to use the officially certified green eagle grass in the country, so that every golfer who comes here will experience the rapid speed on the fast green. charm. Here, the climate is pleasant all year round, the flowers are full of gardens, and the winter is not closed. In addition to enjoying the green scenery on the course, the golfers can enjoy leisure in the warm and happy resorts and fashionable theme parks. Relaxing happy hours.

Course A is a hill-type fairway dominated by mountain views. Surrounded by a selection of flowers, grass, trees, and artificial lakes, it provides an excellent swing environment for golfers and a valley-type fairway with lake views. The fairways are designed along the natural shores of the lake and have ample water barriers, providing golfers with a challenging place to swing. C field inherits the hilly style of the stadium, cleverly uses the natural landscape such as terrain and mountain view, melts water, waterfall, small bridge, and special planting in one, and the scenery is natural; the newly completed D field is a turn, with the mountain as The Lord, thanks to the steep rise and fall of the altitude, the high field of vision is unusually wide, the mountains of the distant mountains are stacked, the lakes and mountains in front of the eyes, and the bridges are under the feet. There are mysterious machines everywhere, rare super-greens, bunkers and water barriers, endless undulations and even steep cliffs. The difference between high and low strokes and the elusive winds are very challenging. . The ball holes have their own characteristics, small bridges, natural floating islands, water obstacles, small island greens... strict requirements for strength and accuracy. The entire stadium has a magnificent view, a wide view, and a panoramic view of the lake and mountains. The 11th hole of the course is a dogleg hole with a right turn. The green can't be seen from the tee, and the fairway is built along the hillside. There are also OB piles on the left and right sides of the green. It is a difficult one. The hole, and the 16th hole that the golfers call the Devil's Hole is even more wonderful. The length of the fairway is 407 yards and PAR4. The special thing is to cross the two obstacles of the lake, and the slightest negligence will fall into the water. In this not only requires the control of power, but also requires wisdom. The most noteworthy is the 17th hole. The 17th hole is also the most classic one. Its green is located on a small island surrounded by water. It is a classic choice to test the accuracy and strength of golfers. The 20th hole with a short distance of 3 shots, the north is condescending, the gap from the blue Tee to the green is 10.2 meters, and the drop from the white Tee to the green is 4.8 meters. The design of the gun tee is the most attractive place. After enjoying the beauty of the last 9 holes, the golfer hits the ball from a height to a low point. It is more important to pay attention to it. If you encounter a downwind, you will have no signs of braking when you are down. The placement of the ball is beyond your expectations. There are bunkers around the green and the rear of the green. There is a danger of falling into the bunker if the force is too big or too small.

The 23rd hole and the 22nd hole across the river, the designer conceived skillfully, the left side of the fairway is OB, the right side extends to the green is a water barrier, the fairway is more like a green cliff, there is no good placement, green There is also a large bunker at the rear. Perhaps the safest thing is the most dangerous. The scenery is fascinating, but the ball player can only attack the green. Therefore, the precise long irons and putters are the key to winning this hole. The most distinctive 29th hole has a height difference of 40 meters. The tee is accompanied by cherry blossoms around the green. It is also called the cherry blossom hole. The 35th hole with a total length of 593 yards is also very challenging for amateur players. The 1200-square-meter green on the 36th hole convinced the golfer.

In addition, the stadium also has a cafe, boutique and 36 driving range.

  • coffee house


    The café is located in front of the departure station on the first floor of the clubhouse. You can pause for a while while waiting for your TOF, enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee, or enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee after a good night's sleep. Enjoy the afternoon tea.

  • Boutiques


    Located on the right side of the first floor lobby, you can choose from the latest styles of men's and women's golf shirts and all kinds of golf professional items.

  • 36 driving range

    36 driving range

    Located right behind the hall, it not only provides a warm-up place for golfers, but if you are a beginner, it will be the best choice for your swing.

    At the same time, the Le Mandi Golf Course specially hires the professional managers of the golf industry, according to the international professional requirements and equipment, the resident grass planting experts and the regular professional training and assessment of the professional staff, to provide more sophisticated professional golfers. Course service.

    The green stadium, high-level hardware and software facilities, and comprehensive master plan combine the mountains and clear waters with the unique artificial landscape of golf. Let the swingers enjoy the world-class beauty and experience the ultimate honor and luxury.

    Le Mandi Golf Course, hosted the 6th Straits Cup Golf Invitational Tournament in 2001, and hosted the Cross-Strait Le Mandi Golf Invitational Tournament in 2002, South Korea’s Le Mandi Cup, and 2007 “Audi quattro Cup Golf Tournament China Finals” Large well-known ball game. Become the best match golf course in Guangxi and even the Great Western Region.