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The origin of golf

Release Time:2019-12-03

It is said that a long time ago, a Scottish shepherd accidentally hit a pebble into a rabbit hole with the handle of a shepherd's staff, which inspired him to invent the noble sport of golf. According to research, the word "Golf" first appeared in the Scottish Parliament document in 1457. At that time, because of the prevalence of golf, many young people were attracted from archery. So the government ordered a ban. In March 1457, the Scottish Royal Family issued a decree to "completely stop and ban Golf". The reason is that this highly recreational sport hinders the Scottish youth from practicing the Scottish "national skill" - archery. But in fact, even King James IV of Scotland, who presided over the 1491 regulation, eventually became a fan of golf and became a frequent customer of golf courses. King James V and his queen also played golf following James IV's example.
. In the second and third years BC, there was a kind of game called "Chui Wan" in China, while in the ancient Rome from 27 BC to 395 BC, there was a game of hitting a ball made of feathers with a wooden pole.
Different from its "Youth" in our impression, golf is an ancient sport among various sports in the world. Golf rose in St. Andrews city in Scotland in 1457. At that time, archery, an important military sport in Scotland, was on the decline, and golf was on the rise.  the geographical conditions of St. Andrews city in Scotland are unique. It has the obstacles required by the naturally formed golf course - sand hollow formed by sea wind, sand dunes covered with Nana plants, winding streams, and constant sea wind. Scots play golf here. Therefore, for Scots, the real golf course should be between the sand dunes. Nature is the "architect" of this course, while other courses are relatively "inland Courses" 。Although there was no written record to confirm the date at that time, it is said that the Royal Black Heather golf club was established in 1608. In 1754, the Royal Classic Golf Club of St. Andrews was officially organized in St. Andrews. It is said that the club was established by 22 nobles and gentlemen. They also have 13 basic golf rules. Today, thousands of golf courses around the world still follow these rules.
The city of St Andrews is really the "capital of golf". Every year, tens of thousands of "pilgrims" come to visit the golf course here. The inaugural ceremony of the Minister of the Royal classic golf club was also special. Traditionally, the new minister has to be inaugurated on Wednesday, the third week of September. At that time, he will have to leave the office and "hit the office" like a golf ball. The way of expression is that he stepped onto the first tee off, in front of him was the court, a group of caddies were standing in a row, and then he sent out a ball, and the caddies scrambled to pick up the ball, and the winner won a pound. After that, an ancient gun sounded, and in the rumble and smoke, the minister was inaugurated.