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Release Time:2019-11-08


Lemandi golf club has unique methods and experience in youth enlightenment training. The club carries out a variety of golf training activities for teenagers, so that your children can get in touch with golf as early as possible, walk and hit the ball on the green grass full of fresh air and sunshine, and let go of the happy mood. I hope your children will have a warm winter A sunshine, natural, healthy, fresh, full and unique holiday!

Purpose of activity

Promote and popularize youth golf, help children to improve their moral cultivation and technology through golf practice, so that children can get corresponding exercise in both physical and psychological aspects, and establish the self-confidence to challenge themselves, overcome difficulties and never say die. Build values of honesty, respect, self-confidence, etc. At the strong request of your parents, we specially hold the "youth golf training course" during the winter vacation. We sincerely hope that more and more children will join in the golf, share health and pass on friendship!

Benefits of learning golf
1. It's the general trend for teenagers to learn golf. Today's white-collar workers should not only master one or several foreign languages, get a driver's license, operate computers skillfully, but also play golf.

2. Golf can make young people have a strong body and a healthy mind, and meet the increasingly fierce competition and challenges of the future society.

3. There is no referee in golf competition, and its rules are the most strict, fair, just and equal. These rules need to be consciously maintained by each participant. This will cultivate children's spirit of honesty, a force that will play a huge role in their future.

4. It is beneficial for the development of muscle, psychology and character of teenagers to enlighten them in golf at or before their physical development.

5. Golf is a sport, which requires hard work. Learning golf is a learning process in the eyes of teenagers. Any achievement can not be achieved without hard training and strong will, which is precious for teenagers.

6. The impact of golf on children can not be explained by a certain temperament. It has an immeasurable effect on the cultivation of personality, temperament and the whole life values.