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Golf equipment introduction

Release Time:2019-11-08

1 hat: various sports sunhats

2 gloves, the main role of the glove is to fill the gap between the hand and the grip when the lever is grasped, so that the hand and the club are easily and firmly integrated. Gloves are generally made of leather, artificial leather and fabric. Leather gloves are used when the weather is good, and cloth gloves can be worn when it rains. One for men, the size is 21-27cm; the pair is ladies, the size is 17-22cm.

3TEE, used on the tee, holds the ball up, helps to kick the ball, divided into three categories: length, medium and short. The ball seat is generally made of plastic and wood. When the player chooses the ball seat, it is better to use wood. Because the ball is used on the tee, the wood is used more, and the head is hit with the wooden club head. Collision with the tee, the wooden tee can protect the wood pole surface.

4MARK: (for greens) special shape of the coin, indicating the position of the ball on the green.

5 umbrella: large

6 Greens Patch: Shaped like a fork, can repair the ball on the green

7 small brushes: iron or ordinary toothbrush, which can remove the surface of the club, the soil of the groove and the grass residue.

8 Golf shoes: The role of golf shoes is to protect the turf and stabilize the swing. When choosing golf shoes, pay attention to whether the size of the shoes fits. The nails on the bottom of the golf shoes should always be taken care of, and replaced with tools after wear to ensure that the shoes play a role.