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The 3rd Guangxi Youth Championships was successfully concluded: review and baptism of Guangxi Youth Golf in hot sun and high temperature

Release Time:2019-11-08

On August 16-18, the 2019 Guangxi Youth Golf Tournament and the China High School Handicap Junior Golf Handicap Tour will be held at the Guilin Music Club.

The Guangxi Youth Golf Tournament belongs to the provincial (autonomous region) level of youth golf single event, sponsored by the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Sports Bureau, included in the annual sports directory system of the Autonomous Region Sports Bureau and the scope of the Guangxi Youth Golf U series, combined with the high school youth handicap system youth The Golf Handicap Tour, held once a year, aims to create a platform for Guangxi young golf enthusiasts to learn from each other, communicate and improve, and continue to promote the healthy development of Guangxi youth golf.

广西青锦赛是全区青少年高尔夫爱好者及热忱关注和积极参与广西青少年高尔夫运动的家长、教练员、机构等一年一度的盛会,今年是第三届举办,在报名截止日的前十天即已超过计划规模,总共有84名青少年球员早早便锁定了参赛席位。The Guangxi Youth Championship is an annual event for young golf enthusiasts and enthusiasts who are enthusiastic about participating in the youth golf competition in Guangxi. This year is the third time, the first ten days of the registration deadline. That is, it has exceeded the planned scale, and a total of 84 young players have locked in the seats early.

For the first time, the Guangxi Youth Championship set the qualification level for players. Many parents and coaches arranged for the children to train in advance.

The preparatory organization of the events in charge of the Guangxi High Association is also proceeding in an orderly manner: formulating the event documents, arranging the referee team, purchasing the event supplies, coordinating the parties, etc., and striving to create a standardized, rigorous, healthy and happy way for the children. The game environment.

Guilin Lemandi Golf Club is fully engaged in the event, from hotel room reservation to pre-competition test arrangement, catering considerations, vehicle transfer, venue docking, etc., all of which are carefully invested in the range of activities to provide a lot of concessions for the event. And convenient conditions, look forward to welcoming the children.

Are you ready for the children who love golf?