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Course standard

Release Time:2019-11-08

Golf courses that meet the international standard rules of PGA (Golf Association) have the following characteristics:
  1. All fairway designs shall conform to PGA international standards.
  2. The total length of fairway is more than 6000-6500 yards.

  3. The direction of fairway shall be designed according to the terrain as much as possible, generally in the direction of north-south, Southeast, northwest, northeast and southwest, so as to avoid the sun glare from east to west and easy to lose the ball. 

    4. The ratio of rain and sunshine in the stadium is more than 200 days in non rainy season every year.

    5. Grass planting and drainage system can overcome short-term water accumulation.
    6. The soil structure of the fairway conforms to the principle of water supply for human body, and the pressure coefficient is 300kslcm? (kg), so as to reduce the sports injury.
    7. According to the leisure trend of the world, the concept and goal of the stadium planning will develop towards a multi-functional sports place integrating vacation, leisure sports and tourism.
Classification of   Stadium: 1. Hill type   2. Hill type   3. Forest type   4. River type   5. Seaside type
Length of   grass: (TEE) 0.8-1.3cm fairway length 1.3-2.0cm  0.8-1.0cm around the green