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Enjoy life
Le Mandi Golf Club is nestled in Linghu Lake, surrounded by green fairways and verdant greens. It is integrated with the lake and mountains, with elegant environment and complete facilities. The clubhouse has a Chinese restaurant, a golf boutique, a coffee shop and 36 driving ranges.


The café is located in front of the departure station on the first floor of the clubhouse. You can pause for a while while waiting for your TOF, enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee, or enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee after a good night's sleep. Enjoy the afternoon tea.

After enjoying your swing, you are welcome to visit the Chinese restaurant on the second floor of the clubhouse, where you can enjoy a Chinese and Western buffet lunch or a light meal prepared by the chef. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the golf course. The beauty makes you feel like you are in the aristocratic life of nature.........